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In my blog posts and in my book I’ve given lots of information on qualities I look for in products to sell, but that doesn’t say how I actually find the products I sell.  I wrote a program to find potential products to sell on Amazon, and another program that tracks the price and sales rank of the potential products over time.  They capture what I’ve learned over the years about what sells on Amazon – I find good products for me to sell from the reports these programs generate every month.

You can purchase some of the same reports I use below.  I try to publish 3 reports every month so you can purchase the report(s) that are right for your situation: one with 2000 ASINs (Amazon product codes), one with 1000 ASINs, and one with 300 ASINs.  Each of the 3 reports from a given month have different ASINs, so you can buy more than one report if you want more products to consider (up to 3300 ASINs per month).  I also try to prevent product overlap from month to month, but Amazon changes a product’s ASIN occasionally, so there will be some overlap I can’t avoid.  Also, after about a year I let the program consider previously-tracked ASINs again.  Here’s a sample report you can look at, so you can see what information is available in these reports without having to purchase one.

March 2012, 300 Products

You’ll see that in the report the products are broken up by category (arts, automotive, baby, etc.).  For each product the report includes:

  • ASIN (Amazon product code)
  • Minimum Sales Rank observed
  • Maximum Sales Rank observed
  • Minimum price observed
  • Number of retailers observed offering the product on Amazon
  • Whether or not Amazon was observed offering the product itself (rather than only 3rd party retailers)
  • Title of the product

Keep in mind that all of this information is extracted from the Amazon website, but not all of the data is available on the Amazon website for every product.  Where it’s not available the spreadsheet entry contains ‘UNKNOWN’.  Also, keep in mind the products were observed over a specific period of time.  If you look at the same product today you will see different values than the exact values in the spreadsheet.  In addition, Amazon may start offering a given product at any time even if the report says Amazon was not observed to be offering the product.

These reports contain products that are potentially good for you to carry, but you  still have to do some legwork to find the products that are right for you.  A product that’s good for one retailer to carry may not be good for another retailer to carry, only you know what’s appropriate for you.



After completing your purchase on PayPal, you’ll see a link that says:

Return to AT

To download the spreadsheet, click that link and it will take you to the download page.  If you have any problems with your download please send me an email: AT

Thanks for your purchase!


March 2012, 2000 Products ($5.00)


March 2012, 1000 Products ($3.00)


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