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Liquidation Companies

If you’re looking for things to sell online, and you should always be doing this, a good source can be liquidation companies.  These are companies that buy excess inventory from retailers and manufacturers, and re-sell it.

Of course, the success of this strategy depends on knowing that you can actually sell what it is you’re buying, so you need to know how the product does on your sales channels.  Success also depends on knowing the price you’re paying will allow you to get a good profit margin, so don’t buy anything unless you know what you can sell it for, and what your fulfillment costs will be.

There are liquidation companies that do this online.  E.g., www.liquidation.com is a marketplace where sellers can list their excess inventory, and buyers can bid on it.  This can make your job a lot easier, because you can simultaneously check out what’s available online, and what you can get for it.  As a side note, I’m not endorsing liquidation.com here, I’m just pointing them out as an example.  You need to do your homework and find a liquidation company that works well for you.

Of course, the downside to this strategy, which is the same as the downside to any strategy involving one-off products, is that it’s time consuming.  In addition to the time spent searching for things to sell, which will only be amortized over a fairly small number of items, you also have to spend time creating a listing.  But, if you’re just starting out, or don’t have much capital to buy inventory, this could be a good way for you to get your online sales started.


I’ve updated my list of potentially good things for you to sell, this is the May 2013 list.

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