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Things to Sell Online

The one question I get asked the most is, what are good things to sell online?  Whether you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, Sears Marketplace, or your own website, you can’t be successful if you don’t find good things to sell.

Let’s talk about what makes something good to sell.  If you’re selling on one of the marketplaces, one criterion is how well the product already sells on that marketplace.  If there’s a lot of demand it’s potentially a good product for you to sell.  I say ‘potentially’ because, if it’s very popular, there will be a lot of sellers, which means margins will be very low, or non-existent.  So you want products that are popular, but not too popular.  That’s the type of product I include in my list of potential products to sell on Amazon every month.

Another important consideration is how much it costs to ship the product.  Buyers are getting used to ‘free shipping’, though of course there’s no such thing.  If the item is large or heavy shipping costs are high, and you (the seller) have no choice but to pay it.  You also have no choice but to pass the cost along to your buyers.  Smaller items are generally better choices to sell online than large items for this reason, though if you can charge enough to cover shipping costs and still maintain a good margin don’t shy away from larger items.

Product size is also important.  To make money in retail you need high volume, which means you need large inventory.  Whether it’s your garage or a fulfillment service provider, keeping more inventory (by volume) is less desireable than less inventory.  Small products are good for this reason, too.

How likely an item is to be returned is another consideration that’s often over looked.  Some items just naturally have higher return rates, like anything that must fit just right and there’s no way to tell from a picture if it will.  Another reason for high return rates is poor manufacturing quality.  Processing returns is expensive, not to mention the fact that the returned items often cannot be resold.  For all of these reasons, avoiding products that have a high return rate is usually a good idea.

How much an item costs doesn’t seem like something that would make a product good or bad to sell online, but it actually is.  Very inexpensive items will have high shipping costs relative to the product price, and buyers will have a bad impression of you if the shipping fee is higher than the product price.  Expensive items can be a hard sell online unless they’re bought through a very trusted site, like Amazon.  People are naturally reluctant to risk a large amount of money on an online retailer they’ve never heard of before.

If you’re looking for good things to sell online (and you should always be doing this), pop on over and check out this month’s list.  I find a few good things every month that way.


  1. Tracey Gordon
    May 26, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    Great article. I do sales via eBay and there are many websites that provide a list of items that sells well on the website.

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